Friday, January 25

Can you manipulate the Alexa ranking?

Of course! It may be relatively easy to manipulate the ranking and down to a level of around 100000. But the process to improve the ranking became more difficult. Of course, the best method is to have interesting content and receive many visits, but this is not for everyone. Some measures to improve the ranking Alexa.
1. Install and configure the Alexa bar as our homepage.

2. Place the Alexa widget in the footer of your blog.

3. Encourage others to use the Alexa toolbar, particularly users of the Web site, friends, co-workers, etc...

4. Write an article about Alexa ranking. Eventually achieve some visits from users who already use the bar and seek information on how to improve the ranking.

5. Putting the signature in forums or bloggers services linking to our site. The likelihood of receiving visits via the link is great.

6. Write specific content to webmasters, particularly on SEO, profitability of sites, etc...

7. Use auto-surfers with a install bar. This method will only be advisable if the site does not have any advertising as e.g. Adsense. There are even people who sell this type of service in various forums for webmasters.

8. Putting in a subdomain blog some type of content that generates traffic compatible with the ranking. The subdomains will contribute to increase the ranking.

The rankings available for measuring sites have always some flaws, even the more reliable ones. But because it’s used by some services, nothing like taking advantage of that. What really matters is to have real traffic, because this is what really makes the difference in the making profit blog business.

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