Friday, January 11

Feeding my goals

Following my New Year’s resolution, I’ll write some of my thoughts about dieting.
More energy, lose weight, improve sexual performance. The foods that meet my/your needs.

More energy
When you want to increase the levels of energy, what you really want is to stimulate the central nervous system, not raise the blood sugar levels. Most energetic foods are the rich in carbohydrates with low glycaemic indices, those you have simulative effect, or those that are good sources of minerals such as iron, as a way to revert possible anaemic states.
Ex: green tea, pulses, grapes, spinach, coffee

Losing weight
Foods rich in protein stimulate the metabolism and are good in blood glucose control, which means they don’t cause peaks of sugar in the body. Look for sources of fibber, such as fruits and green vegetables, which contribute to satiety. All the detox nutrients increase the effectiveness of the metabolism, meaning you burn up more fat, even at rest.
Ex: natural yoghurt, tofu, green tea, vegetables, broccoli, beets

Sexual Performance
A good sexual performance can start at the table. Some foods, such as spices and foods rich in zinc stimulate the hormones that regulate the sexual process; others stimulate circulation and improve blood flow.
Ex: oysters, ginger, blueberry

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