Wednesday, January 23

How to find stolen content in the Internet

Is not always possible to prevent readers from picking our work and present it without assigning any kind of credit to us.Today, there are some sites that help us find content that possibly has been stolen, such as Copyscape, Find Articles or even Google. In the case of images you can always use Google to search for original images related to your site. Through Google alerts you can receive, via email, a notification whenever something containing words defined by you appears. With Google alerts I advise to place between those words things that define you and your site as your name, the name of the site and address of the site so that you are not bombarded with e-mails every day. Something that I advice to do is to always check the "incoming links" or check your trackback. Whenever possible include links to other articles in your site, this way the content thief will put a reference to your site pointing out their presence. Not all references or trackbacks are from content thieves therefore check well before charging them with robbery.
Do you know more methods to search for stolen content?

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