Tuesday, February 19

Blogspot Title Optimization

Most of the new templates available on Blogspot already provide proper indexing of their individual pages, however many of the old templates or those messed up by de blogger, have problems to be correctly indexed in the search engines. If you are a Blogspot user and don’t mind to use some tricks to improve your Google search results, here is how you can optimise the titles in each of the entry pages, archives and homepage: copy the code that is presented below, make the appropriate adjustments, and put it in to the row for the title in the html code of the template.

Note that there is a blank space in each of the tags, just after the "<", which will have to eliminate before implementing in the blogger template. Implementation of this code is the responsibility of the author and you should always save a copy before begin making changes. The use of the "" here is just a matter of preference, some people use ":", "-".You don’t need to add more information then the name of the blog or the entry. Personally, I recommend the use of the name in the blog title on all pages and usually after the article title. The exceptions, I reserve them for strong brands or sites that depend on searches related to the mark / entity, where the trade name should come first.

Here’s an example: I used Google to search for some words in a title post of my blog and my post it’s the FIRST (nº 1) out of 1,960,000 results, see it below.


Eerik said...

Hi, if you want the ad, please link to me. I've added you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks I used it in blogger. How does it improves my ranking? If I dont do it, is there would be any problems?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. However, does not seems to work for new bloggerspot template....