Tuesday, February 26

I’m starting my Paintball Season

For me Paintball is a sport of adventure and strategy in which teams or individuals compete to achieve goals, provided with markers, masks for protection and biodegradable balls of collared ink, in a game of action, in which the team that adopt the best strategy and strikes the opponent with the largest number of paint balls wins.Being prohibited any physical contact, there is no risk of injury if the appropriate equipment is used and the all safety rules are followed. Paintball is thus a quite safe radical sport and nowadays you can buy paintball guns cheap making it available for all. In the society we live in, it is increasingly sought the desire to escape the routine, to be in contact with nature, live unforgettable experiences, discover our own limits. Exchanging experiences, developing the spirit of group, foster friendship, and promote unknown physical and mental skills, its part of the latest adventure sports excitement, that we enjoy while rediscovering a new energy.
Any volunteer?

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