Tuesday, November 4

How to make the world a better place for free


How to make the world a better place for free

aGoodCause.com has created AidMaker. A small program that can make a BIG difference.

Aidmaker is easy to install and completely free.
Aidmaker enables you to make a real difference to your chosen charity whilst doing, what your doing already:

Shopping online.

Whether you buy a book at Amazon, a plane ticket
from your favourite airline or bid on an auction at eBay, you can now support your chosen cause for free.

We are supported by more than 5,000 online shops
and collaborate with over 300 relief organizations around
the world. So why not do your bit to make a change, today.

It’s so simple.

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Anonymous said...

Hello 2refresh,
Are u from Malaysia? I'd be interested in sourcing articles affecting the less fortunate in Malaysia. My current site only highlights issues in Singapore.