Tuesday, November 18

The Most Powerful Community Toolbar You Can Build

The Most Powerful Community Toolbar You Can Build
Your Building BlocksAll your best content and feeds go right on the toolbar with our simple set–up wizard.

Radio: Radio stations can play right from the toolbar.
Advanced FeaturesWhatever your users do on your website they can do with your community toolbar — from shopping to social networking to making reservations... you name it. Whole applications can even be put on the toolbar! Imagine your users always signed–in and engaged.
Advanced XML can be used for personalization and other database–driven content. Our easy API will assist with advanced features.
Enrich Your Community ToolbarKeep your subscribers' attention with exclusive new features like Community Alerts and u–Page. Choose from thousands of fun gadgets and tools, including e–mail notifier, local weather, pop–up blocker, message box, and more.
100% On-Demand – Easy to Setup
and UseThere's no software to install to build your community toolbar. A few easy steps are all it takes. Our point–and–click wizard guides you step–by–step, so you don't need any technical knowledge.
It's FREE!Community toolbars created on the Conduit platform are absolutely free — now, tomorrow and forever!
Search Powered by Your community toolbar features the most popular search engine.
Secure, Safe and PrivateTrusted by major online brands, Conduit is committed to the highest standards of security and privacy. Conduit community toolbars are included on the industry recognized TRUSTe safe-software whitelist.
Works on the Most Popular PlatformsYour toolbar works in all the latest versions of both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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