Friday, September 28


After I lost my mind trying to get the AdSense right, I’m just starting out with trying to monetize my blog, there are a few things I have to consider, such as aesthetics (meaning I cannot just place macive ads around my blog), and traffic (meaning the more traffic I have, the better revenues I’ll get).So I decided to experiment with layouts and colour schemes.

My friend said that “there are two schools of thought when it comes to AdSense design and laying out. One, some people seem to click more when the ads look like they’re part of the site’s layout. Two, others seem to get more clickthroughs when the ads are more visible, such as when they are contrasting with the site’s layout.”

And He show me a AdSense heatmap.

All I have to do is put AdSense ads in strategically places of my blog? I asked

He said: “This is very much dependent on your target audience, and the general design of your blog. One good rule of thumb is to determine what looks good yourself, and to ask feedback from others, whether your ads are acceptable. If they stand out too much, you risk making your blog ugly. If they blend in too much, people might not click on them. The right balance would make your readers think your ads are part of your site’s layout (as sponsors) and would generate enough interest for clicking.
Be patient! Give it time. AdSense adjustments may not take effect instantly. Well, design changes will take effect as soon as you paste in the code and publish the new design. But what’s more important is how your readers react to your ads–whether they click more, and whether you get more dollars per click.”

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