Thursday, October 11

Submit URL

To start, go to your favourite search engines, and look for the link that says “Submit URL”, or “Add URL”, or “Add Link”, or “To add Address”, or something like that . Sometimes the link can be hidden, and not in the main page; for example, the Google it’s here.This method functions. But it is more efficient and faster if yours blog is linked to other sites already indexed, better if they are popular sites. (This also will increase your PageRank, but this is for a future article). Perhaps it’s better if you already have some sites that you can use for this effect, or can ask for to one or more friends to add one link to its sites or blogs for yours. Other lists exist where you can add your URL, if the blog subject is appropriate. There you can comment other blogs, including one link for yours.
Summarizing: if possible, try to get as many sites as possible to link to yours. But do not make Spam! It’s not only little ethical, but you can be harming your blog, its popularity, and its reputation. The search engines can remove your blog for Spamming. Therefore, don’t try to add to your link to everything that you find.And, above all, you do not walk blog in blog to leave commentaries in the more recent post like “Hello, I adored your blog. Go see mine in http://…”. This is Spamming of worse kind.Beyond search engines, they also exists directories. For the experience that I have, do not wait a great volume of traffic come of them, but some is better then none, right? More links always helps.
Note: all these things take time. Do not expect to submit your blog to the Google today and start having visitors from there tomorrow. Exactly after the search engines having indexed your site, still it will take some time (1-2 weeks) until the indexed pages start to appear in the search results. And normally more recent posts not get indexed in the hour - one more time, it has a delay, and, in general, only the articles with 2 or more weeks receive visitors from the search engines.

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