Thursday, October 11

Annoying Big Banner Ads (ABBA)

These are not new they are whit us since the 90’s. However, they quickly reached a saturation point, and the users almost became “immune” at they, “mentally filter them” when browsing web pages. But the worse was still to come, in the attempt to fight this “blindness of the announcements” advertisers did the worse that they could done – they made banners more difficult to ignore by making them more irritating and intrusive. Instead of being a simple static image of 468×60, they became alive, the use of Flash or Java to be “interactive” (Punch the Monkey and win!), whit irritating sounds, or worse, to appear in new windows - the bad and ugly “popups” that, until appearing browsers as the NetCaptor, Mozilla, Firefox and more recent versions of Opera, they were a nightmare for anybody that surfed the Internet. But the advertisers greedy didn’t end there, when noticing that the people was starting to be accustomed to close windows of popup without at least looking, they continued to create forms to force the people to see the announcements, inventing such horrors as the “popunders” (popups that they appear under the current window, and there they stay until the window is closed), announcements of an entire page, “not closable popups”, popups that, when closed, make appear new popups.And then they wore surprised that gradually the advertising had fewer results, and less money.With Google and AdSense things surprising started to improve for the advertiser and for the normal user. This was because Google made the unthinkable (at the time) making the announcements less intrusive, instead of more.In steed of live full screen windows with sound, that resist to be closed, the AdSense announcements wore, in its majority, text. Thanks to the data in its search engine, the announcements are contextual, related with the page or site in question. The formats and colours of the announcements are configured by the owner of the site, to better integrate the same, or, in alternative, to call the attention all determined by the owner the site, not by the advertiser.imagine the result, the advertisers had made a ton of money, the owners of sites had made immense money, and Google made K’s of money, and, more important, the announcements in sites had come back to be bearable. Many that absolutely hate announcements start to click in some, and the owners of the sites that had given up to have announcements, because these annoyed the users and made them not want to return, they wore back having a form to gain some money with the sites.Yahoo and Microsoft seem to be following the steps of Google, since both are at this moment starting to use non intrusive and based contextual announcements in text. This is very positive, since the lack of competition tends to provoke laziness, negligence, arrogance, and a gradual reduction of the quality (just look to Microsoft). But, for the time being, I’m just going to focus in AdSense.