Thursday, December 27

Tips to increase the number of subscribers to your feed

I am going to give you some tips to increase the number of subscribers to your feed:

- Invite your readers to subscribe: A good way of capturing subscribers is to put a simple notice or invitation to subscribe your feed, so if a visitor find some interesting posts in your blog he can be able to subscribe the feed.
For example, I have installed a few months ago a simple message underneath each post individually, which I invite readers to subscribe to the feed and receive all the latest news with a simple click.

- Make your feed Visible: This point is very important, many people do not know that the “subscribers count button” is a link to subscribe, it is advisable to put a RSS indemnificatory button, the typical orange button that can be seen in many places, it is a standard button that attract attention. Sometimes it might happen that the reader is already immune to the orange RSS button in your blog and a subscriber is lost, that’s why mine its blue.

- Show / Hide count subscribers: Potential subscribers don’t subscribe if the numbers in the subscriber counter are to low. A counter with few subscribers can discourage your visitors to subscribe, so it’s a good idea to put the counter button only when you have some subscribers making it attractive. When visitors see that so many people already signed, they will sign to, this happens for a normal reason "if lots of people signed it’s because the information is good,” so they want to subscribe too.

- Enable subscriptions via email: One option that not many people are using, I didn’t use because I thought that readers didn’t use this method of subscription. If you enabled this service in FeedBuner you will see that with the passing of days, the number of subscribers will begin to rise in a very dramatic way, since subscriptions by mail are also taken in account in the overall number of subscribers.

- Redirect your feed to FeedBurner: This is important if you want to unify your feed, there are many people who subscribe to live feed on your site, not to FeedBurner.

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Anonymous said...

great tips...Although I'm having trouble holding onto subscribers. In one day I'll lose 30 plus subscribers when I only had 60 to begin with. Granted my blog is only a month old. Do you have a post for that?