Wednesday, December 19

Shareapic Pays You For Hosting Pictures

Pictures and Video always had a great demand on the web. The dispute for the market assumes greater proportions, but it’s the public who wins the most with this dispute, even though the advertising is very aggressive.
Shareapic comes in to the dispute with a well organized service addition of photos, offering you a friendly interface that easy allow you to free upload your pics to construct your album, get an embed code then display the pic on your site of choice, but here comes the difference from the others, every registered Shareapic user gets a cut of any advertising revenues Shareapic makes.
“Primarily this isn’t based on advertising revenue made against each image (although users can add their Adsense code for some revenue via Google), payments are calculated based on image views. Their example:

If in month one Shareapic calculates to distribute $1,000 to our members, we will first tally up the total number of image views for that month. Using these two numbers we can determine the respective payouts for each user. If there were a total of 500,000 image views for the month, image views will equate to $0.002 each (1,000 divided by 500,000), or $2 per 1000 image views. If you’re posting lots of pics in forums, MySpace or eBay, you can see how easy it is to earn quite a bit of money!” Seen in
Shareapic changes the perspective of current services like ImageShack and Photobucket in which is given to the user a large space to store images and pictures but the income generated by the visits stays with them.

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Anonymous said...

I had a very bad experience with shareapic recently. Have been using it for almost a year and sure they do pay but be very careful once your earnings start to increase and accumulate. I had a balance of USD100+ and no, i did not do any autoclicks. They were page views from all the posting i did in various forums around the world. One day they just banned my account and after my appeal to them to reopen it, i was devastated to find out that they have totally wiped out all the photos and earnings with the reason that i do autoclicks, which i never did. Oh and do not forget that they will also slash 50% of your earnings with the reason that the traffic generated from your photos are from Asian countries, which no one can actually verify. Scam? its your say!