Wednesday, December 12

The Sponsored Review Post

The SponsoredReviews is one more paid reviews site that I use to make some money. The SponsoredReviews market seems to be much more competitive then the PayPerPost which makes it much more difficult that get a review. While many of the reviews in PayPerPost are targeted according to the pagerank of blogs, in SponsoredReviews blogs in English language get far more reviews than other blogs.
When you sign in you will have to submit your blog for approval and acceptance although they accept many blogs, in order to avoid saturating the market with the low competitiveness of some blogs, some are rejected. Read the conditions that appear on the page for submitting your blog. When you sign in your blog is suggested a price for your reviews. This value determines the maximum amount you can claim for each review, you can take the suggested price or put an higher price on your reviews, it’s up to you.
In your profile you can choose which categories are the most appropriate to your blog. It is important not to fill the blog with non interest articles to the target audience, and also, think that for the advertiser this cannot be an investment without return. The reviews can have values from $ 5 to $ 1000 dollar, the amount charged by SponsoredReviews it’s only 35% which means that a blogger can earn between 3.25 dollars and 650 dollars per review. Many advertisers raise the limit of their reviews with large values in order to attract more bloggers but generally only accept the minimum price or a little more than that. I do not think that is a site with authority because now I have 12 proposals to review pending, some of them already have more than a month. A common example is an advertiser put the value of its review between $ 10 and $ 50 when you can make a proposal to write a review in your blog for $ 30. There are several factors that may influence the decision of the advertiser but it is very likely to reject the proposal in the hope that someone made an offer of $ 10, meaning that you only get 6.5 dollars for the review. Personally I do not like to make proposals below $ 25 US dollars and that is that few reviews are accepted but it is a matter of integrity. They say payments are made every two weeks, but I only receive the payment for the reviews at the end of each month. Sign in at SponsoredReviews, although probably is not a source of regular income is always another source of income, and you don’t have anything to lose.

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