Monday, December 10

PayPerPost makes your day!

PayPerPost works in a very simple way, turning it in a very interesting idea for bloggers.
Just go to PayPerPost and sign in, after registered, you can access a big list of opportunities.
To accept what they call "opportunities" the blog must be in English. The PayPerPost has many opportunities to earn money, at this very moment there are almost 200 opportunities available. But not all blogs have access to all opportunities, those for which your blog is eligible will appear white or grey (although when they are grey mines that they are already "taken"). So you must act fast to get the opportunity. The opportunities for which a blog does qualify depend on several factors; including the Alexa rank and PageRank blog; their geographical location, by themes, and some times blogs from free platforms. The best opportunity at the moment pays $ 235. To accept this opportunity the blog has to have a PR of 6, an Alexa rank of at least 99999, and be located in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. If you are in these conditions you can earn $ 235 with a text of 50 words. Once you have accepted an opportunity, you have 6 hours to write in accordance with the requirements of the advertiser. If you choose not to do this it will be available for other bloggers. The PayPerPost also has some very good initiatives to earn money. On Tuesday, for example, they give 10 opportunities of $ 50 and a chance for $ 500, available for all blogs, regardless of their ranking or location. At Wednesdays the have a similar initiative, but in this case only for blogs outside the USA.
Once the post is done, PayPerPost takes about 10 days to approve the post and then some 20 days to make the payment via PayPal. An accepted blog in PayPerPost can easily earn $ 100 to $ 300 per month just for blogging, and much more if the blog has good ranking. Who has more than a blog should have two separate accounts to earn more money without additional work. The way that PayPerPost works (in other companies are different), we can only accept the same opportunity once, even if you have more than one blog. My suggestion is to have two accounts, and accept the same opportunity twice. In this case all you have to do is make your home work once and then write the post in another blog with minor changes. With this strategy you can earn $ 18 for accepting an opportunity of $ 9. Resuming; PayPerPost is a good company to start earning some money with your blog, your blog just as to be at least three months old and 20 posts written in English. Have fun!

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Shabbar Suterwala said...

Great Artilce and good tips for PPP, cleared all my doubts regarding PPP.