Wednesday, December 5

Increase your Adsense Profit!

Google AdSense is probably the company that generates more profit in the world with online advertising, with Pay Per Click and by page impression. It is certainly an indispensable tool for those who want to make money online. You can generate thousands of dollars through this tool. It takes time but the medium and long term can be a good profit generator. For this to happen it is necessary to adopt some strategies as proper ads placement. Since the initial steps are made, AdSense runs on autopilot and you no longer need to update or upgrade to generate money. To make a better profit from AdSense you should follow some basic steps in the integration of ads on our site/blog.

1- Integrate the links of the ads in your template instead of making them “glow on the dark”.

Adjust the colours of the ads link to the colour of your site. This ensures more clicks. By using different colours to highlight the links will make the reader automatically associate the links advertising or spam and will cause lost of interest on them. It is the same when we came to the house and there are dozens of advertising emails in the mailbox, you see 1 or 2 and the rest goes to the trash. Merge the ads to your site.

2- Use the template "Large Rectangle (336X280)" it’s the format with higher CTR.

Some time ago I heard about this and I did an experiment on page articles, the fact is that little by little my AdSense earnings began to increase more significantly. Use it in individual pages and see your earnings increase.

3- Placement is crucial, no links at the bottom of the page.
Some people like to put ads on the bottom of the page in the footer area. This may devalue the clicks and is where the worst of the AdSense earnings are made. If you want ads on the bottom of the page suggest find a sponsor to pay for it and avoid using AdSense at the end of the page. The places where the ads work best are in the sidebar and near the headers. Tip: While in terms of usability the sidebars should be in the right often a sidebar on the left generate more earnings. I wish that a reader did a study on this. What is the best location of the sidebar?

4- Text links work best than images?

It is a question irrelevant. The most experienced users are tired of navigating a site with pictures to affiliates, soon become automatic link an image to advertising and from this point they avoid clicking on the image. Text links, integrated into the colour scheme of the site, links appear to be normal and are no longer associated with bad advertising.

5- Create proper channels.

AdSense allows creating channels to better analyze the ads in your site. Many people pass this step and give no importance. With the help of channels you can know the placement of ads that is working better. You can rethink strategies to better monetize and know the spaces that generate less profit. Performance is important.
There are many important aspects that people no longer forget when working with AdSense. Take some time to optimize the ads, try a different placement, and talk with others on strategies that work best. If you are interested in doing studies with AdSense I suggest intervals of 3 to 4 weeks to try different placements and different ads. Don’t forget to leave a comment here...


Anonymous said...

try this, it brings you more money than blogging, trust me. immediate return on invest and a very nice buck on the side. For me, after one month only, 4 to 6 $ a day. I don' think there are a lot of blogs out their that generate this amount of money...

Indika Athukorala said...

Greate work. I help me alot to improve my knowledge on adsense. thank you.
But I just want to know will they pay for us. that means If my CTR is high ?