Monday, December 3

WidgetBucks! A good alternative to make money

WidgetBucks is a new PPC (pay per click) program, like Google Adsense but with the difference of presenting products of major Corporations such as e-Bay, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. The WidgetBucks widget is quite stylus and fit well in the majority of the existing layouts. As said, its biggest advantage is the payment per click which makes it a great option to Google Adsense, and improve the profitability of your site / blog. The registration takes little more than 15 seconds, you only need a valid email and chose a "password". You then confirm the email address and that is it, you are ready to start.
Creating an ad is also very easy. Ads are available in either normal format, and in dozens of colours, although they aren’t 100% configurable, but they will get there. See the graphic aspect of the ad at your right.
As a launch promotion, they are paying a bonus of $25 (twenty-five US dollars) just for register.
The big advantage that
WidgetBucks has on many programs of the same kind is that they pay per click rather than by action, as for example AuctionAds does. Another positive aspect in this system, is that the ads are way more attractive, inviting and appealing to the eye, leading more people to click.These type of business is emerging because Google, and is "smart pricing" is becoming very expensive to purchase clicks by the “price comparison sites”, like The reason for this is that these companies want to buy clicks from Google, by $0,10 and then want to sell them for $0,20 or $0,25 to the advertisers. I know this because I already used these companies. The difference is that visitors they send convert very well, making the cost per click also higher. My advice is that you make your registration as soon as possible, because things on the Internet propagate so quickly that any time soon the WidgetBucks can either change the acceptance criteria or even stop the $25 bonus. And then do the Mat and see the profitability of this opportunity, including the percentage of clicks and even value per click that you can make with WidgetBucks.
In addition to the $25 for registration, then also pay $5 each time you find someone who reach $25 of income (not very difficult).
Enjoy, because the promotion of $ 25 (twenty-five US dollars) can stop at any time.


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